– can build and/or maintain your Maritime ICT network structure.
– works for medium and large companies.
– develops and maintains websites.
– does server maintenance and system management.
– is doing much more and might also mean something to you!

For any questions: email us! If you wish we can call you back.
Malfunctions are automatically transmitted to our helpdesk and will be corrected as soon as possible.
You can send all applications or questions by email to:

Maritime ict


MPKC is a young company and provides appropriate ICT solutions for every business. We work for companies throughout the world, these make daily use of our knowledge and expertise to manage the servers and workstations, implementation of new IT systems and the development of ICT solutions.
Our main drive is:
Providing the “big business” and “Small/Medium Enterprises” appropriate solutions in the field of ICT. MPKC is the first place to contact for all companies ICT matters and plays a unique role in your area. Do you want a good and stable solution, do not hesitate go to our contact page and send us a message!


Computer systems on modern ships are increasingly integrated. MPKC delivers a sound solution.
Since 2013 we as MPKC are moving us in the maritime world. This challenge we have entered with full confidence.
Our aim is to deliver the best service to our customers in every corner of the world in every field of ICT.
This is what we stand for years. It is a beautiful and successful step forward.

If you are looking for complete security please contact MPKC Maritime independent advice.
So we can see if your systems functional requirements are within the rules and remain there.
Contact us!

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